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If you wish to hear more about my services or set up an appointment, you may call me or email me.  Please note that email is not a secure or confidential means of communicating, so the privacy of communication cannot be guaranteed.  


Phone: (650) 933-3016



I reserve email and text for basic questions and scheduling, and I do not offer advice, therapy, or crisis services.   If you need emergency medical or psychiatric care, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.  

I am not available by email, text, or phone outside of my office hours (9am to 7pm, Monday through Thursday).  I respond to messages on the next business day.  If you require a therapist with availability for crisis management/coaching, I will be happy to offer you referrals.


Currently, all of my sessions are conducted via Telehealth.  I am licensed to practice with patients throughout the state of California. When you schedule an appointment, you will be given a link to the HIPAA compliant online platform on which we will meet.


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