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Therapy and Somatic Work Rates

  • Return therapy sessions are 50 minutes and are discounted to $300 for payments by cash, check, or Venmo.  The standard rate is $305.  Longer sessions are available and are pro-rated.

  • The first therapy visit, or initial intake visit, is 75 minutes.   The cost is discounted to $450 for payments by cash, check, or Venmo.  The standard rate is $455.

  • Combined therapy and yoga/TRE (trauma-releasing exercises) sessions are 75 minutes and are discounted to $450 for payments by cash, check, or Venmo.  The standard rate is $455.

  • There is a small increase in fee on January 1 of each year.

Group Therapy Rates

  • Prior to beginning a group, if your history is complicated I may ask you to come in for an intake session where I will take a thorough a psychological and physical history, make sure it is a good fit for you, understand what your specific needs will be, and lay out goals and expectations.  The cost of the intake session is the same as a standard therapy intake session.

  • The cost to participate in Group Therapy is set at $100/group, with commitment to the entire course (course lengths vary and will be clarified during your initial inquiry call about the group).  Half of the cost for the full cycle of group treatment is required to reserve a space in the group, and the other half is due upon beginning the group.  



  • Fees are collected at the time of service. 

  • You can pay by any major credit card other than American Express at the time of service.  The standard rates apply if you pay by credit card.

  • When you book a first appointment, a credit card is required over the phone to hold your appointment time.  It be held on file but will only be charged if you miss an appointment or cancel with less than 48 hours notice.  It can be used to pay for sessions regularly with your consent (see forms page).

  • Cash, checks, Zelle Quickpay or Venmo are accepted and the discounted rates are given if you choose to use these methods of payment. 

  • I cannot guarantee confidentiality if you choose to use a mobile app for payment due to standard risks with any social media app, but my settings on any app are set as private.


  • I do not accept insurance, but you may be able to receive reimbursement from your insurer, particularly if you have a PPO plan.  I would be considered an "out of network provider."  I will provide an invoice at the end of each month if requested, which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.  I suggest you research your plan's benefits and consider calling your insurer to ask the following questions:

    • How much of the cost is covered for a therapy session with an out-of-network provider?

    • What is my deductible and how much of this deductible have I met?

    • What is my co-pay or co-insurance for mental health sessions?

    • Is there a limit to how many sessions per year are covered under my plan?

    • Do I need a pre-authorization and, if so, how do I obtain it?


Cancellation Policy 

  • You may cancel your appointment up to 48 business hours (2 business days) in advance by telephone or email.  If you do not attend your scheduled therapy appointment, and do not contact my office at least 48 business hours in advance, you will be charged the full cost of the session.


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